Skin Treatments

60 or 90 Minute Facial

$65 - 60 min.      $95 - 90 min.

Spoil yourself with a 60 or 90 minute relaxing facial using Eminence Organic skin care to meet your individual needs. All facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, use of complexion enhancing machines chosen by The Face Lady, along with lymphatic drainage massage of the face, décolleté, shoulders, arms, hands, and scalp. Upgrade enhancements are available with an additional upcharge to this service.

Corrective Facial

$65 -60 min

Improve the appearance of acne-prone or blackhead prone skin. The Face Lady will choose the appropriate clarifying ingredients in our products with natural fruit acids and enzymes to address any skin concerns and congested pores. Complexion enhancing machines are used such as galvanic currant, high frequency currant, brushing, suction, and ultrasound may be used to prevent and treat acne by oxygenating the skin and producing an antiseptic effect while stimulating circulation and cell metabolism. Repeated treatments are recommended for maximum results. Upgrade enhancements are available at an additional charge.

Express Enzyme Treatment

$45 -30 min

Infuse your skin with nutrients and hydration while treating acne and pigmented skin with a delicate touch.  Our organic enzyme peels help break down and dissolve dead skin cells in the epidermis, remove impurities , and unclog follicles that are blocked with sebum and environmental pollutants, while refining pores, smoothing the skin and encouraging blemishes to heal. Ideal for clients who do not wish to visibly peel and require no downtime.  Enzyme peels are also safe for woman who are pregnant or breast feeding.


$55 -30 min

Diamond tip microdermabrasion is used to exfoliate dead skin cells with a diamond tipped wand and then vacuumed off of the face. With the flexibility of using different suction levels, it also increases the blood flow to the skin, which aids in collagen production.  This procedure is very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars, uneven skin tone, and fine lines.

Chemical Peels

$60- $85 -30min

A 15-30 minute treatment where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by environmental and sun damage, lighten hyperpigmentation, assist in treatin acne-prone skinproblems, reduce the appearance of large pores, and increase the overall cell metabolism of the skin. Chemical peels can make the skin flake or peel.  The Face Lady will discuss all options for peels to make the best apropriate solution for individual skin concerns. Chemical peels can make the skin more photosenstive. Sun exposure and excessive heat should be avoided when recieving this treatment. Clients should not wash or moisturize skin, and should avoid contact with water and perspiration for 24 hours after treatment.

Glycolic Acid 30% or 60% 

This peel is a fast acting, alpha hydroxy acid chemical exfoliant that is relatively mild and yet effective in speeding up the cell growth process of the skin to leave your face looking and feeling refreshed, youthful, and smooth.  Can be combined with acne treatments.  Clients can expect minimal flaking, dryness, redness, or peeling of dead skin.

Salicylic 30%

Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties.  Treats oily, congested, and acne-prone skin.  Helps rejuvenate, smooth, and balance the complexion with this beta hydroxy acid.

Retinol + Vitamin C Peel

This concentrated and active formula helps improve texture by encouraging cell turnover for smoother, softer skin.  Visible sloughing typically occurs within 2-3 days following the treatment, but allow for two weeks of light downtime for full treatment process.  Refines skin while enhancing clarity and luminosity. Clients will leave with this peel on and cannot apply anything on the face for at least 12 hours.

TCA 15% Peel

Recommended for sun damaged, aging, mature skin with hyperpigmentation.  This aggressive blend of trichloroacetic acid, pyruvic acid, phytic cid will provide deep purification, soften scar tissue, and may also remove pre-cancerous growths and sun spots.  Clients will most likely experience sloughing of the skin for 3-5 days after the 2nd or 3rd day of the treatment.

Lactic Acid 20%

Smooths, hydrates, and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation discolorations with little to no downtime.  With a slightly larger molecular size than other hydroxy acids, lactic acid is a preferred option for dry and sensitive skin as well as first time peel clients.  Added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin.

Triple Transformation Peel

A modified Jessner formula featuring a combination of effective acids. 14% Resorcinol, 14% Lactic Acid, and 14% Salicylic Acid.  Ideal for all, but sensitive skintypes, this powerful peel helps reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, and acne.  isable sloughing can occur within 2-3 days following the treatment.

Alpha Beta 17%

Recommended for oily, dry, and uneven skin tones, fine lines, and acne-prone skin. This superactive blend of glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and songyi mushroom extracts refines surface texture and lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin production while clearing blemishes.  Clients will most likely experience redness and peeling of the skin 2-3 days after treatment.

Series of 6 Chemical Peels

Clients that want to receive maximum results and long term benefits with chemical peeling will often receive a series of 6 chemical peels.  The Face Lady will customize a program that is best to address your skin concerns.

Facial Upgrade Enhancements

Add any of The Face Lady's powerful facial upgrade enhancements to any 60 or 90 minute facials. Additional charge will apply.

Eye Treatment:$30

Preformed throughout the facial experience. The Face Lady will exfoliate then treat with a brightening, hydrating masque formulated for the upper and lower region of the gentle eye area to reduce fine lines and crow's feet for a smooth, youthful appearance while using ultrasound therapy.

Paraffin Masque: $10

If your skin looks dull and is in need of some hydration, you can add a paraffin treatment to your treatment masque to increase ingredient penetration, deliver intense hydration to the skin, and soothe your tense facial muscles. Available in Rose, Lavendar, Grapeseed, Seaweed Mud, Sedona Mud, &  Collagen infused facial paraffin.

Lip Treatment: $20

Erase the appearance of dryness and treat your lips to a naturally effective three-step treatment. Gentle fruit enzymes refine the lip area, followed by an extra rich masque that deeply hydrates. Finish with a delicious minty non-petroleum based balm that stimulates lip-plumping collagen. 

gLove Treat Paraffin Wax Therapy: $20

Heal dry, cracked or sore hands or feet with this therapeutic and restorative warm paraffin wax treatment loaded with coconut and essential oils that heats in minutes.  gLove paraffin wax therapy is a warm, single use, self-contained, disposable wax treatment that will be applied to your hands or feet at the beginning of your facial experienced and removed prior to completion of your 60 or 90 minute treatment.

LED Light Therapy: $10

A LED color light therapy mask uses clinically proven wavelengths of UV-free LED lights to boost collagen production, treat acne, help lighten hyerpigmentation, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation in the skin. This facial upgrade will be incorporated in the treatment masque portion of your facial experience.

Facial Upgrade Peels
Microdermabrasion : $30
Basic Chemical Peel: $30
Enzyme Peel:$25
Rentinol + Vitamin C Peel: $50
Alpha Beta or TCA Peel: $50


$275-single treatment$750-series of 3 treatments

Treatments with a micro needle pen do not burn the skin (like laser), dissolve it (like chemical peels), or abrade and scrape it (like dermabrasion). The Face Lady preforms microneedling  with the MD Needle Pen. The pen gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles that encourage natural collagen production.

Disposable Microneedle Cartridges

Safe and Effective Treatments are Priority.

  • Individually Packaged and EO Gas sterilized

  • 12 or 36 Needle Pins ( 33 Gauge)

  • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

  • Anti-back-flow design

  • Automated vertical needling to reduce discomfort

  • Vented port and hole to reduce pressure and protect skin

  • Fluid filter to prevent contamination

  • Adjustable depth up to 2.5mm

  • Improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Decreases pigmentation

  • Stimulates tissue regeneration

  • Improves skins plumpness

  • Diminish scars, especially acne scars

  • Pore size reduction

  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks

Benefits of Microneedling


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